Israeli Solidarity is a spontaneous voluntary project organized by social activists from all over Israel. In light of the coronavirus epidemic we felt the need to rise up to the challenge to connect thousands of Israelis in one wide network of support. We joined together to promote the social solidarity and mutual aid our economy and society require in these trying times, and especially for the day after, when we will all have to rebuild together. The idea is simple – a strong and healthy society cannot be indifferent to the need and distress of its individuals. The goal of the movement is to recruit, prepare and operate a country-wide network of neighborhood and student communities, which will take responsibility for their immediate community, the city-wide community and eventually the Israeli society.

Volunteer Work:

During the crisis we have recruited and operated over 5,500 volunteers in 15 areas across the country. We have assisted over 7,000 individuals and families in numerous channels, including: supplying food and medicine, assistance and guidance for elderly beneficiaries through electronic means, food and equipment drives and more.

Student Communities:

Throughout the world we are witnessing social movements led by students – dealing with issues pertaining to themselves (tuition, dormitory costs, student wages) but also with global issues – workers’ rights, social inequality, marginalization etc. From the famous student movements of the 60’s to the movements being led today in central cities world-over – students always spearheaded the struggle for equality and social justice. In Israel there is a significant leadership vacuum in the student society, due both to the advanced age most Israelis join the academic world and the difficult living conditions of students, affording little time for organizing and social enterprises.

Neighborhood Communities:

Not all communities in Israel have the same needs and the same abilities. The Israeli social space is small, and most of us have social and familial connection outside our immediate vicinity. A network of neighborhood communities will allow the interconnection of needs and capabilities of people and communities from different places’ and will allow us to care for all Israelis. A wide social change in Israel will only be possible when thousands of people, from different groups and areas of the country, work together.

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